Bathroom Design

Making plans to remodel your bathroom can be complicated due to the many design and budget considerations. You want to create a stylish bathroom that is both functional and relaxing while not overspending. AGS Stone can assist you with vanity cabinetry,countertop and tile selections. We can also recommend a reputable licensed contractor to perform services that we are not licensed to perform including electrical, plumbing and structural modifications.

We enjoy an ‘A’ business rating with Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau. Please contact us today to schedule a design consultation.

What We Offer

Bathroom Sinks

Choose a sink that works best for your particular space and appeals to your sense of style. Researching a bathroom sink for your next remodeling project can be both daunting and fun. AGS Stone is here to help evaluate all of your options before committing to a selection.

Self Rimming: Many standard sinks take on this appearance and style. Self-rimming sinks are mounted above the counter and have a visible rim.

Console: Console sinks stand on their own support legs and are similar to pedestal sinks, except they include a small amount of counter space

Vessel: Vessel sinks have a nice, old-world quality about them. They sit on top of the counter like large bowls or vessels, with pre-drilled holes at the bottom to mount the faucet.

Pedestal: These free-standing sinks are mounted on their own base. Because they are not attached to the counter, pedestal sinks can be great for small bathrooms.

Under Mount: These sinks do not have a rim and portray depth, as they are installed beneath the countertop. Wall-mounted faucets match under mounted sink types well.

Vanity Tops: Vanity top sinks are single pieces combining the sink with the countertop. Their edges typically hang slightly over the edge of the cabinet they are placed on.

Vanity: These sinks are built into a counter, which is mounted on a cabinet with or without drawers. Bathroom vanities have several components that engender a variety of shapes and styles.

Wall Hung: Wall hung sinks save space and can be mounted directly into the wall at any height.

Bathroom Faucets

One design element that should not be overlooked when selecting the key components of your bathroom makeover are faucets. There are a variety of faucet types and finishes to choose from as noted in the descriptions that follow. While style and cost are often deciding factors, make sure to consider life expectancy. We have selected Delta Faucets as our business partner due to their recognized quality and breadth of product. Remember that not all faucets and sinks work together and therefore, it is important to consider your sink and plumbing connections when making your selection.

Single Hole Faucets: have a spout and a single mixing handle all in one for single-handed control. Single lever faucets require one-hole drill installation basins. Some brands of single lever faucets have an optional 6" cover plate for pre-drilled 4" drill installations.

Center Set Faucets: (mini-widespread) are made for 4" pre-drilled with three-hole installation basins. They combine a spout and valves on a single base unit. A center set faucet set may have a single handle mixing lever or two handles mounted onto a 6" plate.

Widespread Faucet Sets: have a spout with separate hot and cold water handles. All pieces appear to be separate. Widespread faucets are available from 6" to 16" drillings for three-hole pre-drilled installation basins.

Wall-mounted Faucets: are available for above-the-counter and freestanding basins that require a long spout for extended reach. Wall-mount faucets require a separate wall-mount valve and drain for installation. Make sure the spout is long enough for adequate basin clearance

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Bathroom Vanities

Consider your options. There are many things that you should consider before purchasing a bathroom vanity cabinet including the amount of space that you have to work with, the amount of storage desired and the cost. When choosing a vanity you should consider the size of the bathroom in which the vanity will be placed. Smaller vanities will make the bathroom more open while a large cabinet style bathroom vanity will allow for more storage space.

Vanity Styles

Cabinet Style Vanities: Cabinet style vanities are typically 21” in depth and range from 32” to 36” in height including the countertop. Sink base cabinets often have working doors on the bottom and a false drawer front on top. Two sink installations will require two sink bases and may also incorporate one or more drawer bases depending on available wall space and the location of plumbing connections. Like kitchen cabinetry, vanity bases can be selected in a variety of door styles and finishes. To add additional storage space while creating a distinctive look, tower cabinets may be installed on the countertop along with crown molding to create a finished look.

Furniture Style Vanities: For small bathrooms, the furniture style vanity is a great option because they tend take up less space. They are freestanding and designed to look like a piece of furniture. Furniture vanities may offer a quick and easy way to upgrade your bathroom without having to make dramatic changes. There are many vanity styles to choose from including those with large amounts of storage space and others that offer unique design elements.

Vessel Style Vanities: A vessel vanity features a freestanding base and a sink that is usually in a bowl shape which sits on top of the base. The vessel type vanity is perfect for small bathrooms that do not have a lot of extra room. Removing an old cabinet style vanity and replacing it with a vessel style vanity will allot more room to the bathroom making it feel more comfortable. Vessel style vanities are also artistic and very distinctive adding a sense of style to the bathroom.

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Bathroom Showers

What We Offer

Shower plumbing fixtures to include control valves, shower heads, trim kits and body spray systems.Tile pattern and material selection Shower seat, sills and threshold fabricated to match countertop.

Extraordinary shower designs to improve your bathroom.
Showers often dominate the bathroom space. Even with a small bathroom, distinctive tile and pattern selection. You may also consider the unique beauty and durability of natural or engineered stone wall panels.

Giving you choices! Visit our showroom at 6915 Adamo Dr. where you can see hundreds of styles and colors on display in beautiful settings. Our computer-aided design software can show you what your bathroom will look like before you buy.