Whether designing for the kitchen or the bathroom there are a multitude of countertop designs and materials to create any look. Below you will find some of the main countertop materials that AGS Stone works with. Have any questions? Schedule a consultation to come into our showroom to see the materials in person.

Granite and Marble

You have a variety of choices when selecting natural stone countertop material. The three major factors that are likely to impact your selection are appearance, ease of maintenance and budget. Granite has become a popular choice due to its natural beauty and durability. Other choices include limestone, marble, onyx, slate, soap stone and travertine. AGS Stone has an indoor display area with a variety of granite colors from which to choose from. We can also direct you to local wholesalers if you would like to evaluate additional selection possibilities. We have included links to several wholesaler websites below. To learn more about the properties of each stone type visit the Marble Institute of America’s website

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Engineered stone is a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by a polymer resin. Quartz is the major filler, although other material like colored glass, shells, metals, or mirrors might be added. A typical material will consist of 93% quartz by weight and 7% resin. Commonly referred to as Quartz, there are a number of leading brands offering a range of colors, patterns and thicknesses. AGS Stone has a large sample collection in our showroom to assist you with your selection. You can also visit manufacturer websites for additional product information.

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Recycled Materials

Environmentally conscious? There are many recycled materials on the market today that offer a distinctive appearance and ease of maintenance while utilizing a high percentage of recycled content including porcelain, glass, crystallized ash, mirror and stone remnants. Visit our showroom to view samples or visit our manufacturer links to learn more.

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Sintered Stone

Sintered stone is created through a kiln-fired process that heats to over 2000-degrees F and applies pressure of 5900lbs/square inch to a mineral blend until it binds together. Basically, it is replicating the way Mother Nature makes igneous rock. Not only is sintered stone UV-stable and chemical resistant, it has the best compressive strength of any comparable products currently on the market. Sintered stone also has no warping and essentially no thermal expansion, regardless of temperature and moisture changes. Not to mention it’s completely non-porous and will not stain.

Originally developed for exterior building cladding, it’s uses have expanded and evolved. Countertops (indoor and outdoor use), interior cladding, flooring and fireplace surrounds are among some of the more common applications. The stone is manufactured in slabs of about 5-feet by 11-feet and in varying thicknesses. It has more tensile strength than many of the other countertop materials on the market. The sintered stone especially lends itself to European and contemporary design because it allows designers to continue solid surfaces and straight lines, but it’s not limited to any style or design trend. Sintered stone is offered in an array of textures and many colors to add interest to any space.

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Porcelain is a man made material manufactured from a type of heavy clay made from a mineral called kaolinite, or "china clay". Kaolinite normally is composed of feldspar, silica, and mineral oxides. Porcelain slabs are made from kaolinite heavy material that is then coated with a pigmented glazed and fired at a high temperature. Glazing pigments are added during the slab fabrication. The slabs are made to have consistent color all the way through the product and can have veins that are similar to marble or granite.

• Wide Range of Colors
• Numerous patterns & Finishes
• Large Slab sizes up to 5’ X 10’
• 30% Stronger than Granite
• High durability & strength
• Lightweight
• Versatile due to thickness
• Can be installed over existing countertops
• No Sealing Required
• Waterproof
• Heat Resistant
• Recyclable

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