Kitchen and Bathroom: Remodeling Services in Clearwater

We are Your Local One-Stop Shop

What is the one thing that is unclear in Clearwater? Answer: Finding a great services company that would infuse new life to your kitchen and bathroom. But this problem has now been redressed. AGS Stone should be your first choice if you are one of the thousands of Clearwater residents who have grown bored of their existing bathrooms or kitchen.

How do We work?

• Understanding Your Requirements
• Preparing Cost Estimates
• Creating Visual Mockups
• Setting a Timeline
• Getting to Work
• Delivering a Remodeled Kitchen/Bathroom
Our process is collaborative and transparent. Collaborative in the sense that we don’t just take your order in the beginning and then start working like a poorly-coded, AI-backed robot. We are animate beings and, as such, try to understand your needs in great detail.
Once the needs have been established, we tell you how much it would cost to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Our pricing is super competitive, and we can guarantee you won’t find a service of comparable quality in the entire city of Clearwater!
Once everything is agreed, we sign off a deal and start working. Our craftsmanship is widely regarded as the best in the industry. Our workers are veterans of the field and know all the ins and outs of this business. They are smart, agile, innovative, and creative.
Your kitchen and bathrooms will be in safe hands – Literally!

What Sets Us Apart?

Patience at Work

You need a patient worker in any job. But nowhere is this virtue more valuable as it is in design-related jobs. There is so much subjectivity around what makes a kitchen or a bathroom aesthetically pleasing that it’s nearly impossible to hit the nail on the head in the first go – you need iteration. For iterations, you need patience – That we have aplenty.

We Would Suffice

Once you come to us, we won’t keep you hustling all over the place – We alone would suffice. For the germinal ideation stages to the final, finished product, you could sit back in your chair while our workers work their magic. We take the bricks out of the sack, so you don’t have to bear the weight.

A Family Business

We are a family-run business and fully realize the pain points of Clearwater families when it comes to kitchen and bathroom related problems. We have all been there! Antediluvian style, old-fashioned faucets, unattractive tiles. We leverage our experience and our design sense to deliver results that work best for you.

Next Steps for You

With countless choices for vanity cabinetry, tiles, faucets, and lights – We’d get a move along if we were you. Visit us today at a location near you and get ready to remodel your bathrooms and kitchen.
We don’t think you’ll be blown over by the end-result – we guarantee that you will. We invest our souls and our minds to achieve your desired results. Our remuneration – aside from the business we earn – is the moment when you go ‘Aha’! As we present to you, your remodeled and revamped bathroom and kitchen!

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