Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling Services in Tampa

We are Your Local One-Stop Shop

Are you looking to get your kitchen and bathroom remodeled in Tampa? Look no further! Regardless of where you live in the liveliest of Florida cities – AGS Stone can be counted on to provide the best remodeling services for your kitchen and bathrooms. What’s more, our offerings come at unbelievable prices!

What Sets Us Apart

AGS Stone is a one-stop-shop for all your remodeling related needs. We are a vertically integrated company – which, in non-jargon language means, if we work for you, then remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is entirely our responsibility. You won’t have to put up with the hassle of having to put together different pieces.
Unhurried process
We are known for our patience. A job is not done until you say it is done. We are not going to rush you through the remodeling process. If you think the work needs a few iterations, we’d be happy to comply.

Relationship driven business engagement
The primary goal of the remodeling service is to build something aesthetically pleasing. Aesthetics, as you can imagine, are a matter of taste. Therefore, we try to work in as close collaboration with you as your time permits. We will pick your brains, learn about your design preferences, and keep those in mind while doing the remodeling work.

Time’s beckoning you to take the next steps. Your dream kitchen is within your reach. The bathroom you always desired is almost at a touching distance at last. 

Our Process

In the first step, we try to collect as much detail as possible around your requirements. Our initial correspondence can take place over the email, phone, or even in-person. After we ascertain your requirements and lock down a scope of work, we’ll share our estimates around cost and timeline with you.
Once everything is agreed – we get to work! We begin by creating a mock design to make sure we correctly understand the ideas you shared with us. Once the designs are approved, we start implementing it. Lastly, we ask your feedback. And there it is – Your flashy new Kitchen/Bathroom – Completely remodeled!

Detailed Services

There are countless different options from which you can choose. Since nobody has unlimited time to go through so many options, we can help you put your idea into words – which in turn, we put into action.
We help you select the best vanity cabinetry, tiles, and countertops. We can put you in contact with some of the leading providers for services we lack the license to perform: structural changes, electrician-work, plumbers.
Our ethos can be best described in the following two words:
– Probity
– Craftsmanship
We are well-versed in all industry-wide best-practices to make sure projects don’t go over budget and are never delayed. We seek your feedback constantly and consistently to make sure your vision can be fully realized.

If you want to learn more feel free to book your appointment today!


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